Back to the Drawing Board

Even after five days there is still a sour taste in our mouths after being dealt a loss by Juniata College last Friday night. The game itself was quick and done in three sets and we left the arena headed back for the hotel. Going 1-1 for the day, as we beat Lancaster Biblical College in three sets, was not what SCVB really had in mind.

Although it seemed like the weekend was already a failure for most of us, we still had two matches to play against Nazareth College, who bested us in the Molten Championship last April and Thiel College. It would have hurt us more to go home 1-3 and still looking at the Juniata game, so our only choice was to push forward.

After a team meeting Friday night, we were able to pick up our play and looked like the team we were supposed to look like. First playing Nazareth at 12 p.m., we were able to dispatch them in four sets with solid defense, passing, and serving. That was definitely a bittersweet win for us, with last April still fresh in our minds. The Maroon Crew was then able to beat Thiel with in three sets as SCVB left Pennsylvania with a 3-1 record over the weekend.

With only one match this week on Saturday night against Baruch, we are looking forward to a week of intense practices that are now underway. Dissecting our fundamentals and improving to make ourselves better are the advantages of five practices in a row. Getting back into the weight room and catching up on our studies allows us to focus on volleyball when we need to the most.

The Juniata match can be seen as a blessing in disguise because we can now re-focus ourselves and re-evaluate our play. This new focus has definitely brought back intensity and determination in practice between everyone. Although the sour taste acts as a reminder to what happened, it is also another driving force to our ultimate goal at the end of the season.


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