Hello from Spring Break

After two regional matches on the Wednesday and Thursday before spring break, we all had our eyes set on going home and getting away from SC for a little while.

Winning both matches even though the team didn’t play well was a huge accomplishment for our team. From beating NYU in five sets when we really showed a lack of concentration and hunger on the court to then defeating Endicott in three sets the next night, I think showed how tough our team really is. These were two great wins for us going into spring break, as we then take the week off and to go enjoy with our families.

I headed home to Long Island, NY and hosted Tyler Tanaka.  Our plans have been made to turn our brains off for a week and not even look at or utter the word volleyball. So far the week has consisted of video games, television, and our lifting regiment that we were sent home with from our strength and conditioning coach.

With only three days left of break we are both once again itching to get back on the court after getting exactly what the doctor ordered. I know the countless teammates feel the same way and with three tournament weekends in a row, this is a time where our season can be made or broken.

Can’t wait to see everyone back at SC!


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