Vassar Tournament

As we enjoy our Monday off from volleyball, it is good to look back on a very successful weekend for our volleyball team. SCVB traveled to Poughkeepsie, NY to take on Nazareth College, New Paltz University, Vassar College, and Johnson and Wales University in a weekend full of important in-region matches.

On Friday we were scheduled to play New Paltz first and Nazareth second. Not having played New Paltz this season, there were no assumptions and we were able to roll over them in three sets. We were then scheduled to play Nazareth at 6 p.m. Already having beat them once at Juniata, we knew exactly what to expect and were able to follow the scouting report and beat them in three sets as well. We capped off the night by celebrating Evan Acanfora’s birthday with the SCVB parents and families with some delicious apple cake.

Saturday morning we were scheduled to play JWU and then cap off the tournament with Vassar. After getting to the gym and warming up, the Maroon Crew showed its best play and concentration of the year by taking care of the Wildcats. Once again, SCVB  defeated an opponent in three sets. After a late lunch we prepared to play the host team, Vassar. To them, playing us at their house was their Super Bowl and chance to really show they deserve to be in the tournament in April.

They gave us a run for our money, but when we played our brand of volleyball as seen in the second and third sets, we dominated the match. However, Vassar stormed back in the fourth set, and forced a game five. From there on out, SCVB was able to turn the tides and take the fifth set by storm winning 15-10.

As we prepare for this week of practice, the NCAA tournament looms closer.  But we are still focused on taking one step at a time. Our tournament next weekend at MIT holds many more important matches for us and seeding for playoffs.



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