A Successful Weekend at MIT

Last weekend we traveled to MIT to play four matches against Philadelphia Biblical, Medaille, Elmira, and Bard. Many of these matches were important for in-region rankings and two teams were ranked in the AVCA Top 15.

We were able to get playing time for everyone that traveled and swept every team we played. Four straight 3-0 matches proved that we weren’t messing around and were all business.

On Friday we squared off against PBU and Bard. The starters went up against PBU and the two teams were on opposite sides of the spectrum. We had prepared well and were completely focused. PBU looked a little confused and the game was over before we knew it. After that we ate and hydrated before the Maroon Crew went out and handled Bard with ease. Finally, we got to go eat and had an awesome Italian dinner.

Waking up bright and early, we played in our earliest game all year at 10:30 against Medaille. Once again we were prepared for the #8 ranked Mavericks. The starters were able to take care of business again. There was a slight interruption in the first game when the Springfield Men’s Lacrosse team, who was playing MIT that day, strolled through the walkway making as much noise as humanly possible. It was great to see support from other SC teams and that sort of support isn’t seen everywhere. Again the starters went out to defeat our last opponent Elmira in similar fashion.

After the matches were over, we went to support our SC Softball and Baseball teams who were also at MIT. We paid back what lacrosse did for us and it felt good to do so. All of the Springfield College teams won their respective games and completed a successful day for the Pride in Cambridge.

In less than a week, we head back to MIT to play the Engineers in a match that will decide if we go to the NCAA Championship. This is a must win game and the preparation this week has been dialed up.

After that is Selection Sunday, where we find out if all of our hard work pays off.


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