Waiting Game

Last night we traveled to Cambridge Mass to play MIT. One of the only other independent teams in the nation, this was our conference championship. We beat them earlier in the year at home and this was a must win game.

The first set we definitely weren’t as focused as we should have been which showed when the game got close. Although we won the first game it wasn’t pretty. Our block was not up to par, defense was sloppy and we missed a ton of serves.

The second set proved to be even worse, and along with both MIT outsides bombing jump serves, we lost the second set quickly. There was a major lack of communication and cohesion getting ready for the third set. Everyone was talking and trying to get each other excited but we all knew our season depended on this game.

Finally, we remembered how to play an elite level of volleyball. The third and fourth sets were identical and MIT didn’t have a chance to recover. Our block solidified, and defense picked up. Now waking up today we have to wait for a committee to decide if we make the National Championship. We have won every game that we had to and it is completely out of our hands.

Let Selection Sunday begin.


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