Quarterfinals Against Baruch

After beating Elms College a week ago, Baruch College made it here for the NCAA tournament. Playing them twice this year already, winning in five games and three games we knew we could beat them. We went over a scouting report with coach and knew everything we needed to know about their tendencies and strategies. We were ready to go.

Four of us woke up for our early serve and pass time and went to work on serve receive. Being the only ones in the gym we enjoyed blasting the music and remembering we were playing on our home floor. After a half an hour, we left to prepare for the 12:30 match. As the team gathered into the locker room, music blaring once again, we all realized that it was game time.

Warming up was awesome because although there was sport court down our fans piled in to come watch. It was a great feeling to see that many people there at such an early time. After the warm-up, procession of teams, and the national anthem, the game was finally going to start.

The first game with all of the build up towards this weekend, and we felt like we could have beat anybody. Baruch didn’t stand a chance. Our passing, defense, and attacking were firing on all cylinders and every point the crowd went nuts. The game was over before we realized what had happened and we won 25-12. The second set was a little different. With not nearly as much energy, we put our game on cruise control.  Although we didn’t play poorly at all, the level of emotion was down. We finished the second set 25-16.

The third and what would be final set, went by quickly as well. Baruch playing better than they played all day until Mike Pelletier destroyed an overpass and all hopes of winning we lost after that. With three points until match point, calls for Ryan Coburn from the crowd rang through Blake Arena. Coach subbed him in as a blocking suband right on cue he set the ball right into the antenna. We were able to close out the match with a 25-17 win.

We play Hunter College on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. Come support SCVB in the National Championship semi-finals!!


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